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Environmental Impact Information

PaperStone® is not just an attractive new material that is produced in a socially responsible manner. It is also strong and tough. It has steel-like strength in span, stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods. PaperStone® is innovative and cost competitive. It is a beautiful, heavy-duty, composite known for its environmental sustainability, its contemporary appearance and its remarkable warmth to touch. PaperStone® is durable and recommended for residential kitchens, baths and many commercial uses. PaperStone® is NSF certified and is excellent as a restaurant food preparation surface.

At Little Green, LLC, our commitment to sustainability is not just good for business; it is part of who we are as a company. We are proud to manufacture PaperStone® at the edge of the Olympic Rainforest in Washington State.

When materials are made using sustainable manufacturing principles, an earth-friendly idea becomes a natural choice. As a value it means cleaner air, water and responsible resource management.

Choosing green products means living, working, learning and playing in a healthier world. PaperStone is committed to innovative green products that contribute to an eco-friendly, holistic lifestyle that is smart, elegant and responsible.

Data obtained using an EPA energy use/savings calculator shows that a 1" x 5’ x 12’ (2.54 x 152.4 x 366 cm) PaperStone panel versus a traditional phenolic composite manufactured from virgin fiber and a commercially available resin saves:

  • 1,233 (4,667.4 liters) gallons of water
  • 2.03 million BTU's of energy
  • 131 pounds (59.4 kg) of solid waste
  • 254 pounds (115.2 kg) of greenhouse gases
  • 55 pounds (25 kg) of petroleum-based phenol

Data obtained by using an EPA energy use/savings calculator.

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